May 16 Downtown DeLand Container Gardens Project


Downtown DeLand container Garden Project

If any of you happen to notice a pot that looks terrible, please call either Margaret  or Julia and they will get something in to replace it. It has been so hot, that some of our plants will definitely be stressed out.

We will be putting new plants in the pots downtown on May 16. We will need at least 2 people (assuming we will still be social distancing, so staying 6 feet apart at all times) from each circle to come downtown on the 16th. Begin as early as you want; just be safe. Each circle president will need to contact Margaret Gillen and let her know who will be picking up her circle’s plants between 2-3:30 pm on Friday May 15 at the water treatment plant.

About Us



Our city of DeLand loves its Downtown Container Gardens and Sensory Garden that we maintain. Our club thrives on making a difference and serving in our Community.

Our Clubhouse is located at:

865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  

 Clubhouse 386-624-6960

For Clubhouse Rentals  call : (386) 624-6960

All are Welcome


2019-2020 Learn * Plant *Grow

Gardening Study is our main theme this year. 

The Garden Club of DeLand will be offering a different program each month based on one of The 9 Principles of Florida Landscaping. Our speakers will be Master Gardeners and others with special knowledge to share!

Our Garden Club year is September through May.


We are Members of a Large Organization

By having a large number of members, we have a stronger voice when contacting our legislators about our Environment. Join us and help to make our voice even stronger.

 When you join the Garden Club of DeLand you become a member of the

National Garden Clubs, Inc. www.gardenclub,org

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.

FFGC District VI

Garden Club of DeLand, Inc.

Upcoming Events


Cancelled May 7, 2020 Meeting Canceled

Cancelled = Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival March 28, 2020

This Festival has been Cancelled

Garden CLub of DeLand at the Wildflower Festival

Downtown DeLand Beautification Planting and Monthly Maintenance

"Beautifying DeLand One Seed at a Time"

The Garden Club of DeLand gathers three times a year to plant 68 container gardens, 16 of these are pedestals,  One Saturday out of each month, a group of volunteers "The Downtown Planters" from the Garden Club meet to weed, tweak, and evaluate the condition of each container garden. All month long, as time allows, each Garden Club Circle checks on their assigned containers and reports issues to the chair.

Sensory Garden

Throughout the Year the Sensory Garden is maintained by Garden Club Circles to attract pollinators and wildlife. All 5 senses are engaged when you walk through our garden. This has been an ongoing project of the Garden Club forever 20 years. Rededicated May 5, 2018   Located at: 230 N. Stone Street

Rentals of the Garden Club Clubhouse

You can rent the Garden Club Clubhouse for your Party or Meeting. 

For more information call  (386) 624-6960 visit the Rental page .


Club Information

Additional Information

"Learn * Plant * Grow"

Organized in 1925 - Federated 1927

Club Flower - Daylily

(386) 624-6960

865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724  

Members of : 

National Garden Clubs, Inc.  "Plant America"

National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources, and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.   “Get Back to Nature, DSGC”

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.​  "Diversity in the Garden"

“Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. promotes the love of gardening, floral and landscape design, and civic and environmental responsibility by providing education, resources and networking opportunities for our members, youth and the community.”

The Garden Club of DeLand Officers 2019 - 2021
"Learn * Play * Grow"

President - Jennifer Condo
1st Vice President - Joyce Fisher
2nd Vice President - Valerie Seinfeld
Recording Secretary - Sara Zollinger
Corresponding Secretary - Marshall Rawson
Treasurer - Richard Fisher

2019 - 2021 Garden Club Circle Presidents

*see Membership Page to learn more about each Circle

Blue Sage - Ruth Moorman
Daisy -  Valerie Seinfeld
Firecracker - Dr. Carol Grigas
Marigold - Marshall Rawson
Magnolia - Marcia Baker

Milkweed - Karen Hall
Pansy - Sally Bohon & Fran Strawn
Rose - Carol A. Roddenberry
Sparkleberry - Eve Sckolnik

Clubhouse Rentals

For more information call     (386) 624-6960 

Garden Club of DeLand has a beautiful venue for your next meeting or party.

Download Rental Rates found below in downloadable pdf format

Visit the Rental Page for more information

Garden Club of DeLand's

Garden Brick Pathway 

Remember your Garden Club members, Veterans, loved ones, special events and years of service with this everlasting tribute.  Download form and order today! Form below.

Certified Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Gardens


Have your Garden Certified Today

Butterfly Garden Certification

To date, over 130 gardens in the city of DeLand have been certified as Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Gardens. Maybe you have seen those signs around town?

We are continuing to certifying Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Gardens, for details on how you can have your garden certified, download the form below.

DeLand Monarch City USA

Nearly 1,000,000,000 monarch butterflies have vanished since 1990 according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To help combat this problem, DeLand became part of Monarch City USA on February 5, 2018. Our shared purpose is to encourage municipalities to directly help the monarch butterfly population recover. 

In conjunction, 

The Garden Club of DeLand, is encouraging gardens of all sizes to become butterfly garden sanctuaries with an emphasis on our monarch population. Only applicants with a DeLand zip code are eligible. 

Become a Certified Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Plan your garden or add to your existing garden. To register, you must have a minimum of twenty (20) nectar and host/larval food plants total. Plant a total of three (3) different host/larval food plants which includes a minimum of five (5) milkweed plants as they are the primary host plants for the monarchs.

Plant a minimum of five (5) different butterfly nectar plants as food sources. The brighter the color, the more butterflies will visit. Submit your application. pdf below

DeLand Gardens

We are certifying Gardens in DeLand. Members that do not live in DeLand may have their Gardens Certified.

Butterfly Squad

The Butterfly Squad calls you once your application has been reviewed. They set up a time to stroll through your Garden and Certify it. You have the option of buying the yellow sign to proudly display in your garden.


How long before the Butterfly Squad Contacts us?

It doesn't take long unless there are a great many applications.

Documents to Download

Brick Garden Path Order Form (docx)


Brick Walkway Map (pdf)


2019 Garden Club Rental Rates (pdf)


Certified Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Form (pdf)


Learn * Plant * Grow


The Garden Club of DeLand

Organized in 1925 - Federated 1927

Club Flower - Daylily

865 South Alabama Avenue * DeLand, FL 32724

(386) 624-6960 

The Garden Club of DeLand meets from September to May

Members of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

"Plant America" National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources, and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.

FUN with Flowers

 The FUN with Flowers project offers unique hands on workshops of holiday designs, wonderful whimsical and crafty arrangements.  Bring your flower clippers and everything else will be provided from beautiful flowers, containers and greens.   Join in on the Fun at the Garden Club!   Open to the Public. 

2020 -2021 FUN with Flowers 

Checks payable to: Garden Club of DeLand

$25 members / $30 non-members

Mail to our P.O. Box 1965, DeLand, FL 32724-6947 or give to Registrar: Janis Williams 

Payment MUST be received by the deadline.

Sorry, No Walk ins.


Suzanne Locke, Chair 

386-748-1209 (c)

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When can I join the Garden Club of DeLand?

Anytime during the year. We meet September through May. Visit our Membership Page for more information.